This Pit Bull was without a home and had been wandering around a freeway for weeks or probably even months — no one knew for sure. He was not hostile as indicated by the way he behaved around people, because instead of growling at them or try to drive them away, he would just cower and his body language would practically scream, “Please don’t hurt me.” Many people undoubtedly saw him roaming the freeway, and thankfully, one of them had decided to call the Hope For Paws organization before he ended up getting hit by a speeding vehicle.

When Eldad of the Hope For Paws organization arrived at the particular area where the Pit Bull was usually seen, he found the poor creature doing exactly what the people had described him doing — walking along the freeway. Just as he was about to approach the homeless boy, a car stopped by just in front of the Pit Bull, and the two passengers volunteered to assist him in securing the dog. The Pit Bull did not try to escape from his rescuers, but he did try to hide under the car, but it had been lowered to the point that the gab was much too narrow for him to fit in.

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Surprisingly, one of the volunteers produced a snare, and as it turned out, they were animal control officers and recognized Eldad and knew about the Hope For Paws YouTube channel. They immediately knew that it was a rescue operation and pulled over when they saw that he was trying to get to the dog so they could help him out. After the two groups had said their goodbyes, it was time to bring the timid Pit Bull to the hospital for a much-needed visit with the vet.

Not only was he suffering from tick infestation, but he also had an inflamed jaw, probably the result of a bite from another dog. But all of that was going to be remedied because he was with friends now. And he would never have to worry about becoming homeless again. They named him Tyrion, as in, that brilliant character from Game Of Thrones.

Source: Hope For Paws via YouTube


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