These days, more and more private organizations are helping out in finding a forever home to the dogs living in the shelter. They are proactive in educating people to adopt instead of buying pets. Also, these organizations are now getting more and more creative in their campaigns.

New York is one of the states with the highest number of pet ownership in the United States. There are lots of pet-friendly places around New York, and New Yorkers do not bother adopting dogs rather than buying a new one.

Niagara SPCA partnered with a pizza joint in New York to get the word about dogs that needs a home across the local district. Niagara SPCA is a no-kill shelter and is one of the oldest institutions operating in Niagara County.

Just Pizza and Wing Co. in Amherst inserted flyers of Niagara SPCA on the pizza boxes, which has the photos of dogs that need rehoming. Mary Alloy, the owner of the Just Pizza and Wing Co. Amherst branch, came up with the idea when she started volunteering at the shelter.

Mary talked with Kimberly LaRussa, the shelter’s event coordinator, about her concept. Kimberly got excited about the idea and closely worked with Mary for the details.

To make the campaign more interesting, Just Pizza and Wing Co. offered a $50 gift certificate to those who will adopt dogs from Niagara SPCA. They have to present the flyer of Niagara SPCA during the adoption process.

On the first day the campaign was launched, one dog has been adopted! Niagara SPCA and Just Pizza and Wing Co. are hoping for more dogs to be rehomed.

Another good news: the longest resident in the shelter, Solstice, was adopted through this campaign! Solstice was found on the side of the road inside a crate.

This campaign has been receiving a lot of attention on social media. Big media firms like CNN, Good Morning America, and NY Post.

We’re excited to know more updates about this campaign soon!

Thanks to Niagara SPCA via Facebook for these photos!


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