Seeing an unknown person jumping off the fence of a neighborhood might make you suspect of a burglary incident. How about if the man who was trying to break in was a police officer? What will be the first thing that will come to your mind? 

The thought of a policeman trying to enter a fenced gate without any warrant would indeed raise someone’s interest. Well, think no more because it might be that the officer was just trying to help a dog inside. This is what happened in San Felipe, Chile. 

Second Lieutenant Mr. Giovanni Donke of the Carabineros broke in a house to save a dog who got trapped tightly around a cloth. The dog was left all alone in its owner’s house. Maybe because the playful pup was snooping around, or it might have to try to remedy the boredom, the pup reached out for the cloth canopy in the patio. 

While the officer has been patrolling around the area, they heard a cry for help. They immediately stopped by to respond to the situation, but they were surprised to saw the distressed dog. The Second Lieutenant was left with no choice but to climb over the police car and enter the house through the fence. 

The poor, struggling pup has been trying with all his might to bite off the cloth to get free, but it seemed that his efforts were to no avail. The cloth got stuck on the lower part of his back. All thanks to the officer who used a knife to cut the cloth, the dog got freed at last.  

At first, the dog took his time to get to know the brave man who saved him from an unfortunate situation. Then, on his own “poochy way, the dog thankfully snuggled and licked the strange in front of him, his very own hero.  

Carabineros de Chile

Wow! Por favor vean el Final. By: Rosa Pulgar Abarzua

Posted by El Reino Animal News on Monday, March 4, 2019

Credit: El Reino Animal News on Facebook


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