Most pregnant women know that there are certain sacrifices that they have to make for their unborn child. They have to make sure that their bodies are in the pink of health and that watch what they eat and drink. They have to let go of bad habits and generally have a clean lifestyle and environment. Most women welcome these sacrifices as they would do anything for their unborn child. But one woman wasn’t willing to make one enormous sacrifice, and that it is to give up a family member for another.

Sanjana Madappa from Bengaluru, India, was continually being told by her friends, family, and doctor to give up her dogs. Sanjana and her husband of two years, Aditya Raheja, have five dogs under their care. They don’t just see them as pets; they consider them as members of the family. There was no way that those five dogs were going anywhere.

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Growing family

Sanjana works for an animal welfare organization, and because of her job, she has ended up raising a lot of dogs together with her husband. Some have come and gone as fosters, and some stayed with them as part of their family. And the couple is extremely excited to finally introduce their own human baby to their ever-growing family.

Sanjana said that one of the most frequent reasons given by families in giving up dogs is pregnancy. In her job, she has heard this often, and when she tells them that they don’t have to give up their dogs, she gets told bout not being a mother and experiencing pregnancy. Now that she is pregnant, she doesn’t see what the fuss was all about.

In fact, her dogs have helped her a lot during her pregnancy. Sanjana said that the dogs had kept her sane and busy. There were times that she had mood swings, but the dogs would help her calm down. Taking care of her dogs also gave her a sense of purpose while being stuck at home.

In response to the advice of the people around her, Sanjana and her husband had amazing maternity photos. They included all their dogs in a creative photoshoot. The response to the pictures was overwhelming. A lot of people loved it. And only a week after they posted the photos, their new baby arrived.

Source: Zoo Land via Youtube


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