A scared puppy who was found in Istanbul, Turkey covered in industrial-strength glue has made a beautiful recovery thanks to the help of his rescuers and his new family.

Pascal, the canine, had been discovered near an industrial property in an appalling state. Footage from security cameras showed that children had poured glue all over the dog’s body and then dragged him in mud just for fun.

When he came to the He’Art of Rescue shelter in a cardboard box, his body had gone stiff. The glue and mud mixture hardened, greatly restricting movement and even blood flow to certain areas, which had begun necrotizing.

Image credit: Stichting He’Art of Rescue International on Facebook

As soon as the staff got Pascal out of the box, he scurried to one corner, his eyes showing pain, fear, and betrayal. Nobody could blame him—the trauma he experienced would shatter anyone’s trust.

The rescuers immediately transferred him to their clinic, where the doctors had no other option but to shave off Pascal’s fur completely. The skin underneath was raw from chemical burns, and the shock made the poor pup refuse to face people for an entire day.

Still, the staff patiently nursed Pascal back to health and showered him with lots of love while he recuperated. In a few weeks, not only did he grow new fur, but he also regained his faith in humans.

The once fearful pup started welcoming the cuddles and kisses of his veterinarians and the other shelter workers. He got his hearty appetite back, which he needed as a growing puppy.

Moreover, Pascal’s hind legs, which seemed broken when he first arrived at He’Art of Rescue, turned out to be okay. Lastly, the ear that was starting to die because of blood loss healed fully.

Once Pascal’s recovery was complete, he went to his new forever home in Spain. He’s now a big, gorgeous boy, and he loves spending his days hiking and relaxing on the beach.

Watch the beginning of Pascal’s healing journey in the video below:

Source: He’Art of Rescue on YouTube


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