Animal shelter workers and volunteers know that the dogs living in shelters aren’t always in the best health. They are often taken in as strays, and they are almost always in rough shape. The dogs living in most animal shelters in the country are almost always enclosed in their kennels. They don’t get to spend a lot of time with people.

This is why animal shelters take on volunteers to help improve the quality of life for shelter dogs. Kayla Filoon is a student who volunteers in an animal shelter in Philadelphia called ACCT Philly. She’s a dog walker who comes in to take dogs out for a walk.

Kayla is used to spending time with dogs, but when she came in one day to walk one of the dogs in the shelter, she noticed a new dog that was taken in as a stray. The dog’s name was Russ, and he was in rough shape. Russ had patches of missing fur all over his body, and he was also very skinny.

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However, Russ was so calm and just sat at one corner of the kennel staring at Kayla while the other dogs barked and made a lot of noise. Kayla knew that behind Russ’s rough appearance, he is a special dog. She decided to take him out for a walk that day.

Kayla took Russ out for a walk for 45-minutes. However, it only took 5-minutes for Kayla to fall in love with the adorable pit bull. Kayla described Russ as a very cuddly and well-behaved dog. Even during their first walk together, Russ stayed close to Kayla. Russ would try to cuddle with her whenever he gets the chance.

Kayla also noticed that Russ is a very calm and sweet dog. When she took Russ to the yard, he never once barked at the other dogs. Kayla also learned that Russ knew basic commands, such as stay, sit, and down. She assumed that Russ belonged to someone at one point in his life. She didn’t understand how such a sweet dog ended up as a stray and eventually at the shelter.

After walking Russ, Kayla called her mom and told her that she was going to adopt a dog the next day. However, her mom thought that she was only joking as she always said that every time she takes a dog out for a walk. Nevertheless, Russ was different. Kayla was never more sure in her life to adopt Russ.

At that time, the shelter was overcrowded, and Kayla learned that the shelter would have to euthanize fifteen dogs to make room for other dogs. Kayla also knew that the shelter would only euthanize dogs that were sick. Russ had kennel cough and was in a terrible shape that he’s the perfect candidate to be put to sleep.

The next day, Kayla went straight to shelter after she finished all her classes. The shelter staff helped Kayla with the paperwork, and that was the last time that Russ would be sleeping in the shelter. Kayla brought him back home.

Kayla also had to tell her housemates that she adopted Russ. Thankfully, all six of her housemates adored Russ. They couldn’t get enough of the sweet dog. Russ did have to learn to get used to his new environment and slept a lot to recover from his kennel cough.

Russ fell in love with his new mom. He would always follow Kayla around the house. Russ also had to be close to Kayla all the time whenever she’s home. While Kayla was sitting on a chair doing her homework, Russ tried to squeeze in to be next to her. Even when his bed was on the floor nearby, and a whole other sofa was wide open, Russ had to be next to Kayla.

Russ ended up next to Kayla and looked like he was hugging her. Kayla’s housemate took an adorable photo of Russ and Kayla and posted it online in social media. It went viral overnight. Kayla hopes that the picture will encourage people to adopt shelter dogs like Russ. Here’s a heartwarming video telling the story of how Russ was adopted.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube


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