When Courtney Wingate, Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana director, visited a local animal control, she came across three little Labrador puppies. At that very moment, Courtney knew that leaving the puppies behind was not an option. How can she, when they all looked so adorable? One of them was even flashing the most charming smile that Courtney has ever seen.

Courtney talked to Sarrah Walton, a shelter volunteer who then grabbed the eight-week-old puppies. Because Sarrah is a big fan of LSU, she named the little pooches after the quarterback and coach of the school’s football team – Joe, Burreaux, and O.

Posted by Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana on Saturday, February 22, 2020


The three puppies were brought to the vet, where they tested negative for parvo. However, when they arrived at the shelter, Burreaux got sick. So, the staff rushed the pup to the animal hospital. Thankfully, he quickly recovered and returned to the shelter.

While caring for the puppies, Sarrah noticed how unique Burreaux’s smile is. Whenever someone talks to him in a high pitch voice and tells him that he’s a good boy, Burreaux would immediately grin. He flashes his little front teeth. Sarrah said that it’s as if Burreaux is inviting people to pet him.

Burreaux begging for attention 😬❤Oh and this smiler still needs a homeMore information and an adoption application on hsnwla.com

Posted by Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana on Saturday, February 22, 2020


The time came when the three little puppies were ready for adoption. The shelter posted a video of Joe, featuring his natural talent for fetch. Not long after, Joe got adopted. However, Burreaux and O are still learning to fetch. To help him get adopted, Courtney and Sarrah started to think about Burreaux’s special talent that they could show off in social media. Burreaux isn’t as good at fetch as Joe. However, he’s such a sucker for “sweet talk.”

The shelter staff figured that probably Burreaux wanted to find a home so badly that he would always smile to make himself look cuter. They filmed Burreaux while flashing his smile, and it quickly became viral. But, despite his newfound fame, Burreaux is yet to find a loving family. Hopefully, one day, Burreaux and O will find a forever home that they would permanently smile about.

Credit: Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana


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