This senior dog had been living alone in the area near a freeway for several weeks and had taken to sleeping on the grass at an off-ramp and where he got his food for every day was still a mystery. He had most likely been fed by random people he had encountered on the road — perhaps they threw scraps of left-overs at him from their open car window. It wasn’t too surprising, because it was likely that one of these people also made the call to the Hope For Paws organization so that the poor old boy could be rescued from the dangerously busy freeway.

After responding to the call about the homeless senior dog, the rescuers from the Hope For Paws organization found the exhausted creature napping on an off-ramp, and decided to approach him slowly and quietly. They took extra care not step on anything that would make a racket as they wanted to avoid frightening the poor boy into running toward the busy road. By the time he had woken up, one of the rescuers had already fastened the snare around his neck, and that was when their new charge began to struggle against the material.

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His reaction to being captured was so violent that he not only bit the snare in an attempt to yank it off, but he also accidentally bit his own tongue and wounded himself in the process. But when he realized that they were not interested in hurting him, he started to relax and soon he stopped trying to make a run for it as well. The rescuers then pulled him into the portable cage that they always brought with them to operations and stayed with him in that spot for a few more minutes so that he could feel even more at ease.

After they were sure that he was finally all right, they headed for the hospital. They named him Rudolph.

Source: Hope For Paws via YouTube


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