When Cheddar the golden retriever was eight years of age, one of his fur parents got cancer. Because their time, efforts, and resources needed to go toward the cancer-stricken person’s recovery, Cheddar’s long-time guardians had to let him go.

The golden retriever stayed at an animal shelter for a bit, then Shelley Vassall and her family volunteered to foster the dog.

Shelley and her husband quickly fell in love with the gentle, affectionate dog who couldn’t get enough of cuddles and belly rubs. So after just a couple of days fostering Cheddar, they went ahead and adopted him.

Now thirteen years old, the golden retriever is still so energetic that he is more like a puppy than a big senior dog. He refuses to be alone, always wanting to stay right beside his humans.

Image credit: theched on Instagram

It’s also impossible to give Cheddar a quick petting. He always needs a ton of cuddles, and he wouldn’t stop trying to nudge his humans with his head if he hasn’t gotten enough love and attention yet.

The friendly dog likes every person he meets, especially if they take their time to snuggle with him and give him a few kisses. However, one evening, Cheddar met someone who would become his favorite person in the world.

Shelley and Cheddar were on one of their daily walks when they saw their neighbor Jean, who lives one street away, sitting outside their house with her husband. Shelley came over to greet them, and that was the beginning of the deep friendship between Jean and Cheddar.

The senior golden retriever adored being with Jean. Sure, he loves his fur mom and dad, but Jean is different—he looks forward to seeing her every single day, and he could sit with her for hours on end, basking in her attention.

Cheddar becomes a somewhat different dog when he’s with Jean. He’s not a noisy one, but when he’s with his favorite human, he shows his excitement by being chatty.

He can also be quite shy even around Shelley’s friends and family, but he makes himself right at home when he’s at Jean’s.

“It’s just a joy to be around him,” Shelley says of her adorable golden retriever.

Watch Cheddar with his favorite person in the video below:

Source: The Dodo on YouTube


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