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It’s been several weeks since the coronavirus outbreak hit the world. The doctors and medical staff around the world have been at the forefront of the fight against this pandemic. The stress of being at the front line has started to unfold and slowly becoming too much for the doctors and nurses in one Colorado hospital.


To the rescue of our heroes at the front lines is a cuddly and adorable service dog named Wynn. She is a 1-year-old Labrador retriever owned by Dr. Susan Ryan, an ER physician at the hospital – Rose Medical Center in Denver. According to Dr. Ryan, Wynn has been accompanying her to the hospital since mid-March 2020. She’s not only providing support to Susan but to the whole staff where she works.


Dr. Ryan explained that Wynn, being a service dog, can calm people down. Since everyone at the hospital is working in a unique time, Wynn is there to help people stay grounded. Wynn has been training for Canine Companions for Independence, a non-profit where Dr. Ryan is a board member. The doctor and Wynn have been together since Wynn was just eight weeks old.

For now, Wynn is preparing for life as a full-fledged service dog. She helps exhausted members of the hospital by accompanying them for “one-minute meditations.” It’s a short mindfulness exercise where Wynn and the staff enjoy some downtime under dimmed lights with calming music in the background. It is the hospital’s way of giving the team some opportunity to recharge between shifts.

Dr. Ryan explained that it became imperative to come up with ways to manage collective anxieties at the hospital. They came to this conclusion after seeing that the medical team is very stressed and too busy to be scared. Right now, Wynn is not only providing comfort to the staff, but she’s also giving support to people around the world after Dr. Ryan shared a photo of them cuddling, and the post went viral.

You can check out Dr. Ryan’s Instagram account to follow Wynn’s adventures!


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