Dogs feel insecure and afraid when they are first rescued from the streets. Dogs don’t easily trust people due to the trauma that they experienced from the abuse. It may take dogs a long time to recover from the emotional wounds.

On the other hand, dogs have a special affection for young kids. Dogs can easily sense that young kids can be their friend. Dogs regard young kids as their playmate and brother or sister.

In New Zealand, a pit bull named Nala was rescued from the streets by Christchurch Bull Breed Rescue. Nala is terrified in her new environment; she only stayed in one corner inside her cage. Shelter owner Abbie Van Der Plax tried to befriend Nala for two days but to no avail. Nala would tremble and growl at people who are trying to get her affection.

Surprisingly, when Zach, Abbie’s 7-year-old son, went near Nala’s cage, she didn’t hesitate to approach the young boy! It was an instant reaction from Nala. She started to wag her tail and even greeted Abbie.

Nala found a friend in Zach!

Watch this video to see Nala’s transformation:

Abbie’s family fostered Nala while looking for an adopter. Abbie’s family also taught Nala to trust people and to overcome her anxiety issues. Abbie observed that Nala has a special affection for kids. In her house, Nala would sleep with Zach and his brother at night.

Abbie didn’t know Nala’s history, but it seems that Nala was taken care of by a kid before she was rescued.

Later on, Nala was adopted by an amazing family. Nala is now living a fabulous life with her owners. They are living near the beach, and Nala would often be seen running at the beach to play with the children.

Finally, Nala is living the best dog life!

Video courtesy of Inside Edition


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