Finding a friend who cares about your welfare is a real treasure in this world. Though it’s almost rare to find such a kind person, meeting one indeed makes one’s life comfortable.

However, what if this friend of yours becomes too caring to the point that he or she annoys you? Well, one adorable pooch could only grit its teeth as its caring feline friend can’t help but clean him up – even if he doesn’t want to.

Hey, stop it!

In this short yet funny video, two animals lie comfortably on the floor. One of the two animals’ a black-furred cat, while the other one’s a cream-colored pooch.

At first glance, you’ll think these two cuties prepare to take their afternoon nap cuddled next to each other. However, it looks like the dog is about to become irritated with the cat’s next moves.

As the dog slowly closes its eyes, its feline friend suddenly licks its fur, careful to remove any dirt that’s probably stuck there. However, instead of relishing the cat’s caress, the dog seems annoyed with what it’s doing.

Can’t you stop?

As the seconds pass, the cat continues licking the dog’s fur, pretty much oblivious to the dog’s feelings. With every lick that the cat does, the dog can’t help but bare its teeth, prepared to strike anytime soon.

However, it seems the dog could only hold in his annoyance at the cat’s actions as he doesn’t do anything to stop the feline. Even if the dog’s feeling this way, the cat still carries on with its task, eager to keep its canine pal squeaky clean.

How do you think this story ended? Did the dog end up snarling at the cat to stop bothering him? If you wish to witness its ending personally, make sure to click the play button in the video below.

Video Credit: ViralHog via YouTube


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