When we see a young child who can identify different kinds of toys and group them according to their types, we are awestruck, aren’t we? How about a smart dog that can do that? Won’t it fascinate viewers to watch?

Well, there is a smart pup that can do exactly like that. Whisky, the talented Border Collie who lives in Norway, knows how to name and categorize her enormous pile of toys. How was she able to do that?

Whiskey plays games with the Svelas’, her loving human friends, and owners, and that’s how she learns. Something about her shows there are still beautiful things to see and hear in times like this. Now, there is Whisky that knows not only her toys’ names but also the different categories of them.

Amazingly, she learned all these by hanging out with her human teachers. She gained a lot of knowledge by playing her favorite games with her owners. Good things like this story could be possible, right?

Whisky’s toys have their names, and they are dog- appropriate ones. One is ‘the small Frisbee,’ and another is ‘the colorful rope.’ Helge O. Svela informed us that since our last visit for the interview, her toys multiplied—from 59 to 91.

Sylvia had to give “people’s names” to some of the toys like Wenger or Daisy. Those are for plush toys that look like ducks or elephants because the names “Duck” and “Elephant” already belonged to other toys. On the day researchers came to observe her, Whisky enthusiastically proved that she recognizes at least 54 names of her 59 toys.

Her proud owner also claims that an animal behavior researcher from Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest tested Whisky and found ‘Claudia Fugazza’ behavior. The characteristic alone makes her a part of a very select group, even if not a champion. Keep up the excellent work, Whiskey!

Thanks to our friends from The New York Times for posting the original story.


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