Everyone knows that dogs are wholesome and loyal creatures. They know how to have fun, and they take things lightly. On top of that, they are also friendly.

This is especially true for the breed St. Bernard. They are not hailed as the “gentle giants” for nothing. They do not discriminate, and they always want to make friends with everybody.

However, this particular trait backfired to a St. Bernard named Ruckus. He got himself into his own little ruckus after trying to befriend a porcupine.

Ruckus, the spiky dog

Ruckus might have come across a porcupine and tried to be friends with it. Unfortunately, the poor pooch was just left with a mouth that was full of quills. His owners had to rush the dog to an animal shelter in New York.

Lollypop Farm’s veterinary team was tasked to carefully remove each quill that got stuck in Ruckus’ face. A spokesperson from Lollypop Farm even said that this was not Ruckus’ first time. Apparently, Ruckus’ did not learn from his mistakes.

According to Lollypop Farm, quills were stuck into Ruckus’ jowls, face, and inside of his mouth.

Don’t worry – he’s okay!

According to the vet team, porcupines could have 30,000 quills that they could use. They would release them when they perceive someone as a potential attacker – even if it was a dog that was just curious and not acting aggressively.

The quills could be easily detached from the porcupine. But they could be challenging to remove once stuck in another animal. Contrary to what everyone believed, porcupines couldn’t actually shoot their spikes.

Lucky for the St. Bernard, the Lollypop Farm team was able to remove all the quills safely. Ruckus was feeling better in no time at all.

Here’s hoping that Ruckus learned his lesson already. He might want to avoid a porcupine in case he would meet another one in the future.

Video Source: Inside Edition via YouTube


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