A couple went to a local drugstore only to return to their vehicle with a canine hitchhiker. The stray dog entered the car casually and slept on the floor as Rodrigo’s wife opened the door. He walked inside the car like he knew the couple well.

Their canine guest looked and smelled like it had been lingering in a landfill. The dog acted like he finally found some security with the couple and then fell fast asleep.

When they arrived home, the dog immediately went to the couch and found a spot to sleep on. He slumbered for another hour. The other dogs at home felt confused at the newcomer. When the new dog had woken up, he quickly became busy exploring the house and meeting the other pets.

They all got along with each other, and there were no fights. Other pets quickly accepted him and soon treated him like a sibling. Rodrigo had the dogs filmed as the new one settled in his new surroundings.

The posted video on social media soon became viral. One of the comments stated that the dog was named Thor, and his owners lived 8 miles away from theirs. Some said that Thor had been roaming around their neighborhood as well. Rodrigo and his wife scheduled a reunion so Thor could finally get back with his original owners.

The owners had been searching for Thor but to no avail. Now with Thor back in their arms, they make sure not to let him wander off again. Thor was so excited when he recognized his owners and their car that he ran up to them.

Rodrigo and his wife were happy that they were instrumental for Thor and his family to be reunited. The couple knew that they had done the right thing and felt proud of their deeds. Thor’s owners were thankful that they had found him.

Source: Pai do Ninão via YouTube


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