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Dogs, just like humans, get lost too. But since they can’t talk or report themselves missing to the police, it’s more difficult for them to get back home and be reunited with their owners. This stray dog named Thor, however, thought that if he couldn’t get home, he might as well live in somebody else’s home and hope he would be reunited with his owner somehow.

Thor found the perfect opportunity when he saw Rodrigo Coelho and his wife about to get in their car. When the wife opened the car door, he did not waste a single moment and hopped right in. Call him shameless, but it was the only thing that he could think of to get out of his current situation.

Rodrigo and his wife were surprised to see the stray dog inside their car. They noticed his dirty paws, worn-down nails, and stinky smell, so they thought he’s probably been wandering off the streets for some time already and could not find his way back home. They could not afford to let the hitch-hiking dog out, so they allowed him to settle on the car floor.

While on their way home, the couple noticed that the dog fell asleep in an instant. He probably had not gotten enough sleep the past days. The couple let him be and decided to take him home.

When the Coelhos reached home, they woke the dog up and brought him inside. He still felt sleepy, so he looked for a comfortable spot and continued napping. When Thor woke up, he was greeted by the couple’s other dogs and started playing with him.

Thor quickly adjusted to his new environment. Rodrigo considered him as part of the family, so he posted Thor’s video online. Not long after, the post went viral, and some viewers were quick to comment that they’ve already seen Thor around their neighborhood.

Rodrigo decided to reunite Thor with his owner. And when they finally meet, Thor could not contain his happiness. Rodrigo felt happy for Thor, too—if he and his wife did not let Thor hitch a ride, he would still be probably wandering off the streets.



Posted by Pai do Ninão on Monday, February 24, 2020

Source The Dodo via Facebook


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