One morning, Yolanda Sevogia heard someone knocking on her door. It was her neighbor, Stacey Savige, with a terrier she apparently rescued from a nearby elementary school. Stacey asked Yolanda to be the dog’s caretaker for a day, to which the latter agreed.

The two women decided to pool their resources in order to find a new home for the dog. They photographed the dog and printed countless flyers. They stuffed flyers into mailboxes and posted a Craigslist ad.

What was supposed to be just one day of caretaking for the dog stretched into days. Yolanda decided to buy pet supplies from a dollar store. He warned his two sons, Christian (21 years old with Down syndrome) and Azaiah (10 years old) not to get attached to the dog since they are just doing foster care.

Photo courtesy of Tampa Bay Times via Mashable

On the family’s fourth day of looking after the dog, they had already given him a name. They called him Riley, spelled as RaeLee. One afternoon, Yolanda arrived from work and soon as RaeLee saw her the dog started barking wildly at her.

RaeLee then sprinted toward the room of Yolanda’s sons. There Yolanda found his son, Christian, suffering from a violent seizure. RaeLee only stopped barking when Yolanda finally came to Christian’s aid.

Christian’s neurologist told Yolanda that if she had failed to come to her son’s bedside as soon as she did, Christian would have died from choking on his own saliva and blood. Yolanda realized it was all thanks to RaeLee.

Yolanda decided to adopt RaeLee. But a phone call had reached Stacey. It came from a man named Randy claiming to be RaeLee’s original owner.

Stacey told Randy about how his dog saved Yolanda’s son. When Randy came to retrieve his dog, he saw both of Yolanda’s sons crying over what would be a tremendous loss. Randy had a change of heart and decided to let Yolanda’s family keep the dog.

Source: Mashable



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