When you set your eyes on something, you’re willing to do everything in your power to get it. Even if it means defying some odds, you’ll do it anyway to achieve your goal.

But, it seems humans aren’t the only persistent creatures living on this planet as a Boxer does the unthinkable to get its beloved toy. Though the pooch inevitably broke the rules, its fur parent could only smile at the persistence the dog showed.

Get it, Lucy!

In a video shot in Jacksonville, Florida, an adorable Boxer named Lucy stares at something hidden behind the gates of the stairs. By the looks of it, the pooch’s object of interest’s truly important to her as Lucy approaches the gate to get a better view.

Before anyone could stop the pooch, Lucy starts pawing at the object in an attempt to retrieve it. Lucy’s fur dad even eggs the pooch to continue with her efforts.

It turns out, Lucy accidentally misplaced her toy on the stairway. The only problem is that Lucy’s fur parents installed a gate to prevent the dog from climbing the stairs. Thus, Lucy needed to find a way to retrieve her toy without climbing the stairs.

I’m sorry, Dad, but I have to do this.

As the seconds passed by, Lucy carried on with her furtive attempts to retrieve her beloved toy. The dog alternately uses her front paws to swipe at the object, but still returned empty-handed.

At some point, Lucy even used her mouth to grab the object, but it seems this method’s not working either. With this, Lucy can’t help but feel frustrated with the situation.

Thus, Lucy’s left with no choice but to do the one thing that her fur parents forbade to her – climb on the stairway. Without wasting any second, Lucy looks at the gate before jumping with all her might.

Do you think Lucy successfully retrieved her toy with this latest stunt of hers? You’ll never know unless you watch the video below down to its last second.

Video Credit: ViralHog via YouTube


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