Eden is a sweet Pitbull that’s fortunate enough to find a loving home. Every day, she showers her family with so much love and affection. But life didn’t start great for sweet Eden.

Eden is one of the thousands of rescue dogs that received help from Hope For Paws. When the rescuers first found her, she was so young and emaciated. Julie Maigret, a rescuer from Chews Life Rescue, spent weeks trying to gain Eden’s trust. But no matter what she tried to do, the terrified dog just kept running away.

Eventually, Julie had to seek reinforcement. She asked Eldad Hagar and Lisa Arturo to come by and help. Once the rescuer team arrived at the scene, they spotted Eden taking shelter in a neighbor’s garage.

The team knew how scared Eden was, so the ladies quickly prepared soccer nets to try and secure the dog inside the garage. But as soon as Eden spotted her rescuers, she woke up and tried to bolt off. Fortunately, Eldad had the gentle snare on hand, and he managed to catch her immediately.

Still entangled on the net, Eden froze in fear. She tried everything possible to escape. And she shook uncontrollably, not knowing what’s really going on.

The rescuers, on the other hand, realize that Eden is a terrified pup. They spoke to her with kind words and assured her that everything’s ok. They also took the chance and tried touching her on the head.

A few minutes later, Eden happily accepted Eldad’s touch. She let him give her some pats on the head and later on, allowed him to place a leash around her. Once she was calm enough, the team headed back home.

Eden stayed with the rescue for a few days before she left to be with her foster home at Chews Life Dog Rescue. Staffers knew that a sweet girl like Eden wouldn’t have difficulty finding a home. And soon enough, she left to be with her new forever family.

Credits to Hope For Paws


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