With the world’s current situation during this coronavirus pandemic, most people’s social media feeds are cluttered with heartbreaking news and posts. But if you’re looking for wholesome content and a good vibes story to distract you from all the negativities everyone is experiencing lately, this Thai ‘hipster’ granny serenading her adorable dog will get you smitten.

Malinda Herman, a 70-year-old grandma from Thailand, and her dog Jiw Jam, which means small and pretty in English, have been putting up smiles in people’s faces in their videos posted on Facebook. Their first viral video has been viewed over 1.5 million times and shared on different social media sites.

In their most recent viral video, the ‘hipster’ grandma sings her rendition of the song “More Than I Can Say” to her adorable pup. Malinda sings while she strums the guitar. Her voice is so soothing and calming that even her little Chihuahua appears to be enjoying it as it leans against her cheek.

Jiw Jam even looks like she’s fighting off sleep while listening to the delightful music. This clip couldn’t get even more charming when a cat starts meowing in the background in the middle of the clip as if it’s trying to harmonize with Malinda.

According to Malinda’s interview with Coconuts Bangkok, it wasn’t her plan to become internet famous. Twenty years ago, she got into a car accident causing the left side of her face to be paralyzed. However, singing helped her to recuperate gradually.

Malinda Herman Official is their official Youtube channel that this granny started last 2016. The sweet old lady has uploaded different song covers, and of course, Jiw Jam’s cuteness can be seen in several videos. And the duo will never fail to hit you right in the feels. They recently updated their subscribers with their latest cover of the same song “More Than I Can Say” amid home quarantine, but this time the Chihuahua is smiling radiantly.

Video Courtesy of Malinda Herman Official YouTube Page and Photos Courtesy of Malinda Herman’s Facebook Page.


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