How many times have we heard of dogs taking a dump where they shouldn’t? It’s the story of the lives of many a pet owner. We invest in training them and in giving them incentives to do the proper thing, but sometimes when you gotta go, you gotta go.

That mysterious lapse in judgment aside, dogs often make up for it in the most hilarious way. If they’re not going to try to win you over by pulling off the most adorable guilty face, EVER, they’re going to do it by putting the blame on someone else. Or at least, that’s what their dog sibling will do — tell on them.

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That was exactly what happened when these two faced interrogation at the hands of their mom. She’d summoned the two dogs and simply asked them who pooped in the kitchen. The reaction was instantaneous.

The bigger dog on the right was quick to betray her sister’s confidence and actually pointed at her! One would wonder whether to reward for volunteering the truth or to be wary of her tendency to be a tattletale. It’s a totally legitimate concern!

Their mom didn’t have any such concern, evidently. Her focus was in the here and now, and all that mattered was that she knew who desecrated her kitchen. Whether she punished the culprit or not, we’ll never know for sure, as the video ended soon after the big, hilarious reveal.

That said, there doesn’t seem to be any real cause for alarm. The mom sounded irked, but she didn’t seem too upset. How could she, after witnessing the winning performance of her star witness?

On a more serious note, it would probably a good idea to do a refresher for both dogs on potty training. And if they haven’t had one, now would be a great time to start. Otherwise, prepare for more odor-heavy “surprises.”

Source: Sunny and Judy via YouTube



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