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Most dogs who came from animal shelters have their backstories. These stories are either happy or depressing, but most of the time, it is the latter. For example, these two dogs named Luma and Picasso.

The two pooches came from a hostile environment, which affected not only their psychological beings but also their physical beings. Despite their troubling past, though, the two dogs are now enjoying life. Thanks to the help of the people who genuinely care. Liesly Wildhardt founded Luvable Dog Rescue in Oregon, an organization that aims to provide a helping hand to those dogs who are in need.

Wildhardt thought of doing something that she will be proud of, and helping dogs is what she wants to do for the rest of her life. Since she has a soft spot for abandoned dogs, it is then not surprising that Wildhardt took the daunting challenge of taking care of Picasso and Luma. These two dogs are unique because they have distorted physical features.

Unlike other rescued dogs, Picasso had a facial deformity while Luma had limb deformity. Even then, Wildhardt knows that these dogs are unique.

Under the care of Wildhardt, Picasso and Luma found belongingness more so the love that they did not experience in their past owners. It may be hard for the two to trust again after what they experienced, but now they are blossoming into beautiful pooches.

For Wildhardt, there is no formula in getting the trust of a dog who suffered trauma. What is essential is to show these dogs that you are compassionate enough to feel for them.

Wildhardt also believes that all dogs are innately good. They just become rowdy or cruel because of their wicked past. In the case of Picasso and Luma, Wildhardt said that the two pooches are just victims of their past, and they are not defined by it.

Credits to Picasso.


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