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Dogs are not only good at fetching or running. They, too, could be good swimmers. We are no longer new to the narrative that dogs are talented animals.

Dogs’ skills could be enhanced by proper training and conditioning. This dog, though, has taken her talent to a whole new level. Kira, a black Labrador, swims with dolphins in South Africa as part of her hobby.

The video of her doing this activity with dolphins already made rounds online and sent dog lovers in awe. In the video, it was shown the Kira happily waved her tail while playing with the friendliest creatures in the sea – the dolphins. According to Kira’s trainer, the dog has been doing this activity for quite some time now.

The dog was even called the dolphin spotter. This is because Kira can see dolphins in the water quickly. When the dog is not playing with the dolphins, Kira can be seen lurking around the Somente Aqua Dolphin Center. There she helps her owner manages their business.

Noleen Withers said that she discovered Kira’s talent in swimming when the dog was still a puppy. Since she loves going to the sea, Withers thought of training the dog on how to swim. She began it by guiding Kira how to use her paws for swimming in the waters. From there, the dog learned by herself.

During their free time, Withers and Kira go on boat tripping. This is where they look for dolphins to play with and hangout. On special occasions, they also let tourists experience what it is to be with dolphins.

While she plays with the dolphins that frequent, Kira knows how to protect herself. Before splashing into the waters, she makes sure that she has protective gear with her. She understands that this is a protocol given that anything can happen in the seas.

Credits to Earth Touch.


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