Pets are supposed to make us happy, not stressed out. For one family in South Korea, a corgi is causing a lot of problems. How will they solve this dilemma?

Coco, a corgi, is a possessive dog. If she finds anything that interests her, she’s going to protect it aggressively. For example, freshly cooked meat. The husband and wife have to alternate when distracting Coco. This behavior is very problematic.

On another occasion, the wife wants to do laundry. However, once she puts the laundry basket down, and Coco finds it. The dog is not gonna let the wife get near it anymore. How is she supposed to get laundry done if Coco is like this?

The husband shows the producers a picture of his wife’s hand. The picture shows a severely wounded hand. Of course, the culprit is no other than the corgi from hell, Coco.

An animal behaviorist was brought in to observe Coco. The expert observed Coco and was impressed by how Coco was acting. He then asked the father if they had given the dog obedience training. Yes, they did.

The expert explained that perhaps too much training caused Coco to rebel. She was trained when she was 4 to 8 months old, which is the teenage years for a dog. The next move towards rehabilitating Coco was unexpected.

First, several trash cans were brought inside the house. The son touched each trash can, but Coco had no reaction. She was bewildered. Next, a magician came in and did a magic trick. The magician ended the trick with an explosion of rubber balls. The scene had Coco jumping out of her owners’ grasp.

The family was tasked to show Coco more love and affection. Perhaps this corgi just wanted more attention. So far, it seems to work. Coco no longer became aggressive and possessive as long as she is given the proper care.

Original story from Kritter Klub via YouTube.


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