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Some dogs are usually left at daycare centers because their owners have to go to work and they don’t have anybody they can leave their dogs with. The dog in our story today started to dance when, at the end of the day, he saw his owner once again after being left at the daycare center.

Well, we’re not surprised, really. They say that dogs are just like our toddlers. And when we leave our toddlers at the daycare center for the day while we go off to work, they do not really like it. And when we go back for them at the end of the workday, they would be so excited that we are back to pick them up.

In the video, you would see the excitement that the dog has when he gets a glimpse of his owner coming back for him. The dog has curly fur and he starts to do his own dance while he is on his hind legs and his two front legs are perched on the fence that keeps him in. It is just so adorable to watch!

We really do not know at first why the dog is doing such a crazy move. You may think that it is because he can hear music that we do not really hear. Or maybe the dog is just excited about something that he cannot contain it.

As the video rolls on, we continue to see the dog doing his doggie dance movies. And then we start to see a pair of legs that is making their way towards the entrance. Now that could be the dog’s parent! And he is just so excited to see his parent!

Yep, it is the dog’s fur mom and she is back to take the dog home. Now we understand the excitement that this dog is having! The video ends with the dog stopping his dance and jumping in excitement.

Source: Kevin Clancy


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