Pit bulls are one of the most misunderstood breeds out there. They have gained a bad reputation because of abusive breeders who raise these types of dogs for fighting. However, in reality, a lot of pit bulls are harmless. One pit bull owner has an inspiring story to share about his experience with dog discrimination.

One day Matt went out of his home only to come back and found his dog missing. It turns out that his neighbor reported his dog to the police. All his dog Indy was doing was barking at a bird. The neighbor said because they suspected Indy to be a pit bull type.

In the United Kingdom, there’s a ban on certain types of dogs. When Matt came back to his home, there was a note. The note said, “We took your dog because it was a pit bull. The note was signed by the police.

Matt knew Indy was far from what other people perceived her to be. He was out to make a statement by proving Indy’s innocence. Indy was subjected to several tests. These tests were to see if she was an aggressive or dangerous dog. Matt was not surprised when the dog legislation officer remarked on how well behaved Indy is.

Although Indy passed the test. The law requires her to be muzzled. Indy doesn’t seem to mind it. However, Matt doesn’t like it. The muzzle makes his dog look vicious, even if she’s not.

Contrary to what many believe, Indy loves people, and she just wants a lot of attention. Matt trained Indy at a very young age. She can do all sorts of commands and is very obedient. Matt wants to let the world know that people should stop discriminating against pit bulls. He’s an advocate for them.

Matt believes that good dogs shouldn’t be punished because of some bad owners out there. Let’s listen to what Matt has to say and reconsider where the misconceptions are coming from. Pit bulls aren’t bad.

Original story from The Dodo via YouTube.


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