Dogs are very resilient creatures capable of surviving unpleasant conditions for quite some time. Despite their strength and resilience, however, dogs still need someone to care for them. They need someone to let them know that they’re loved and that they shouldn’t be left to suffer.

This is what the dog in our story went through. Harper is a very friendly dog who didn’t have a family. She was left alone in a public pound, cold, hungry, and at risk of being put down.

Thankfully, one day, rescuers came and saw her in her sad state. They took her away from the pound and saved her.

The rescuers didn’t know how long Harper stayed in the pound. Her feet were red and irritated from walking and sleeping on the pound’s wet and cold concrete floors. She was underweight and had an intestinal infection when she was rescued.

Harper’s life changed the moment she was taken to the vet. Her condition got better with each day the volunteers nourished her and showered her with love. Soon, she started to lose her sadness, gained a lot of weight, and started playing with humans and other dogs.

Harper’s jolly nature is very contagious; anyone who watched her play would not be able to help but smile. She became a very playful dog who loves to kiss everyone who plays with her. Every kiss she gives is like an expression of her gratefulness that she was saved.

Despite all that development from being a malnourished pound dog to a beautiful pooch, it seemed that something was missing. Harper was loved and well-fed, alright, but one thing was lacking: a forever home.

One day, a couple saw a video of Harper and fell in love with her. They flew in from another country with the sole intention of taking her home. Her new family gave her a home of her own, not just a new home. They also gave her a new name: Finya.

Now, Finya lives with her loving humans in the countryside where she can play all day long, knowing that she wouldn’t have to suffer the wet and cold floors of the pound anymore. She finally knows she is loved.

Source: Howl Of A Dog via YouTube


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