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In one neighborhood in Mt. Vernon, two homes aren’t separated by any fence. It is because of this level of openness in property, something amazing happened. This is where one of the most cherished friendships started. It all started with a Saint Bernard named Brody.

Brody belonged to a loving couple. Living next to them was a grandma named Sally. One day, Brody went to Sally’s house. From the moment they met, Sally and Brody bonded, and that was the start of a beautiful relationship.

Brody would come inside Sally’s house, and the two would watch their favorite weather forecaster. Brody would visit the neighbor every day. Sally would give the dog bread and some dog treats, but Brody only wanted the bread.

Brody would follow Sally when she goes to church. He would be there when the woman was taking care of her plants. Their friendship was so pure and powerful.

Sally had a minor heart attack one day, and she had to move home. She is currently at a senior living facility and is doing very well. Brody, however, doesn’t know this fact, so he keeps coming to Sally’s former home.

Brody would wait in front of the house, but no one is coming out. Fortunately, Brody’s owner regularly takes him to see Sally in her new home. They drive three miles to get there.

During the visit, Brody and Sally would comfortably hang out. The big dog would flop down while the senior woman rubs his back with her foot. They stay in that position for a long while.

Even if Brody could talk during this moment, he probably won’t. Some forms of happiness don’t need words to be felt. For Brody and Sally, hanging out and relaxing together is enough.

Video courtesy of KOMO News via YouTube.


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