Dr. Jeff Rocky Mountain is a well-known personality and veterinarian. He has a show on Animal Planet, and some clips are also uploaded online. In the following clip, Dr. Jeff, his wife, and Hector, who is also a vet, go on a special mission.

They drove to a rescue center in a tiny town called Oak Creek. There they need to treat an injured dog and help twenty-nine other dogs. The location is high up in the mountains, so there is snow everywhere.

Upon arriving, they are greeted by Sarah and Dan, the couple who runs the place. Their family border collie named Hector requires treatment. The other dogs, who are all huskies, also need help with their dental health.

The huskies directly contribute to Dan and Sarah’s income. If they aren’t in good condition, their livelihood will be affected. The fact that Sarah had a shoulder injury at that time doesn’t make the situation better.

Dr. Jeff admires the ethical way that Dan and Sarah are working with the dogs. They are all rescued dogs, and once they retire from being sled dogs, they will be put up for adoption. This is why the vet is passionate about helping them.

After inspecting Hector’s legs, Dr. Jeff concluded that it wasn’t an injury. Hector was showing natural problems that come with old age for dogs. The vet recommends giving low doses of aspirin to Hector.

The team of veterinarians then proceeded to do dental work on the twenty-nine huskies. All the dogs are once again ready to continue working. If it weren’t for Dr. Jeff and his team, that wouldn’t have been possible.

Once again, Dr. Jeff shows how dedicated he is to helping animals and the people who treat them well. More episodes of the show are available on Animal Planet’s website. The video below shows more details of this story.

Video courtesy of Animal Planet via YouTube.


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