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As a train operator, Andres Fabricio Argandoña Tapia has to be alert. He works in Chile and this is his job. One day, he was passing by Llay Llay. While doing so, he saw something dark by the train track. He focused his attention on that dark thing and as the train loomed closer, he thought that the dark thing would get out of the way of the train. But it didn’t.

Andres decided that the best thing to do would be to pull on the brakes. And that was what he did.

The train stopped a few feet from the dark thing. When Andres went down, he was surprised that the dark thing was actually a small dog. It was black and brown in color and it was right on the train tracks.

He used his phone to call for help and he started to record a video of the animal as he slowly went near it. The dog saw Andres and started to bark. Its tail kept on wagging and it seemed like he was happy to see someone come to his rescue. Andres started to feel thankful too that he decided to stop the train before anything could happen to the dog.

Edgardo Gonzalez is the Mayor of Llay Llay and he learned about the abandoned dog on the train tracks. Andres had posted the video online and it had become viral.

Mayor Edgardo said that he will start an investigation about who was behind this cruel act. The dog could have been hurt and it is a criminal offense to abandon dogs and leave them in such a cruel situation. Those who would be found guilty of the crime would be apprehended and given the right punishment.

Watch how Andres rescued the dog in this video. We just couldn’t bear to think about how someone could do such a bad thing.

No falta la gente mala de corazón

Posted by Andres Fabricio Argandoña Tapia on Monday, June 17, 2019

Source: Andres Fabricio Argandoña Tapia


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