A necessary trip to the loo turned into a remarkable experience for one very compassionate woman. She was initially shocked to see that the portable toilet she was already occupied by a caged dog left alone shivering and without water or food. The woman immediately freed the dog and asked for assistance. The poor pit bull was promptly taken to a shelter for the necessary help. He was later named Jon, and workers at the rescue thought he could have died without the woman’s intervention.

Volunteers at Harbor Humane Society were not sure how long he had been abandoned. They noticed, though, that there was no visible and lasting evidence of abuse. He was so sweet, giving doggie kisses to his savior and the volunteers at the shelter. Jon seems happy despite his traumatic experience and easily adapted to shelter life.

Authorities are trying to determine what really happened to the pit bull. The animal control has been looking for Jon’s family but has failed to obtain information as of the moment. No dog deserves to experience what Jon did, so everyone is hopeful that he will soon find a new forever home.

The rescue is keeping Jon for a few more weeks to ensure that all his vaccinations are up to date. They have yet to determine his exact age or where he came from. Nevertheless, Jon seems very healthy and happy even while in the shelter. He will soon be up for adoption, and we hope Jon finds a loving family the soonest.

Meanwhile, the shelter is looking after Jon’s care and of that of other dogs in need. It would not be possible without the love and donations coming from kind-hearted individuals. If you are inclined to help, you can send your donations through Harbor Humane Society and help save dogs like Jon. Much thanks!

Credits to Harbor Humane


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